Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Its Always The Laptop

Somewhere in earth important discussion is going on : 

Qsn 1 : What will you try to save first if your room is on fire ?
Ans : My Laptop !

Qsn 2: Do you take any electronic device to toilet ?
Ans : My Laptop !
  Qsn : Why?
  Ans : Dude! You don't understand ! She might knock me !  I would miss that. And sometimes some a**holes writes shi**y comments on facebook status. I need to delete that instantly.

Qsn 3: What would you like to take with you when you are dead ?
Ans: Hey! Don't remind me about my death. It freaks me out. and how could you ask? Its my laptop i'm gonna take with me. Who knows what happens after death? I'm gonna take a laptop with wi-fi . I will let others know whats happening through my facebook status if possible and stop asking this dumb questions !

Update :

Somewhere in earth in some toilet something is happening :
image found in facebook page