Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ways to Waste Time

Sometimes when i waste time by doing something bullshit or nonsense i think that people should learn from me how to waste time. Because i am really good at wasting time. But when share that with my friends they also claim themselves best in wasting time! So i think lot of people like to waste time.

 I am sharing some good ways to waste time. I hope they will be helpful for those who like to waste time or want to.

  • Attend Boring Classes - I really hate this. For me its a waste of time. Specially if the teacher is boring and forgot to communicate with students.  I can remember the dialogue of John Nash (Russel Crowe) from the movie " A Beautiful Mind " , " Classes will dull your mind, destroy your potential for authentic creativity".
  • Wait for a Miracle - Sleep at home and think that a miracle will happen, God will help. Its a complete waste of time. A human being himself / herself is a miracle if he/she works hard.
  • Believe or Wait for One Love - One or None ! Trying to convince someone for a long time ??? But no progress? Probably he/she does not deserve you or vice versa. But its your time. Waste it!!!
  • Scratch with Hand - When you are scratching any part of your body with hand then you are unable to do other things. So you are wasting time. Try to scratch with your leg to save time. !!!
  • Ask for Sympathy - If you are asking for sympathy to people you are wasting time. Actually now a days that's hardly available. Earn it !
  • Teach Your Pet : Try to teach Physics to your pet.
  • Blog - Write a blog post like this one.
Do you know better ways?